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Mississippi law does not permit me to respond to e-mails from litigants in my court or lay people asking for legal advice.

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  • Randolph Bolen says:

    Your Honor. I was referred to your blog by two of the most honest and caring attorneys I have ever met. Your past commentary on conservatorships made all the difference in the world. Thank you so much for the time I know you spend on the blog, with the sole purpose of helping the uninformed like me as well as young lawyers. As one of the young attorneys who introduced me to the blog said “When I personally met Judge Primeaux at a meeting at Ole Miss, I felt as if I was in the presence of a rock star. I could not agree more! Thank you so much!


  • R David Marchetti says:

    Thanks for doing this

  • Joyce Funches says:

    Re: requests for admissions timeliness

    Could you please tell me whether you would consider the requests for admissions timely answered under the following circumstances:
    The plaintiff, in a Divorce action filed a notice of service of requests for admission on January 11th. 2016. He sent them through the mail. We live in Jackson and as such may have received them shortly thereafter. I responded on February 16th. 2016, but also filed a motion for extension of time to respond, or in the alternative to amend. The plaintiff filed a motion to have the requests for admissions admitted and motion to strike, based on untimely responses, and motion for summary judgment. The requests for admissions were germane to grounds for divorce, adultery and habitual drunkard. Though I plan to file a motion to withdraw the admissions, my initial thought was that because he mailed them, I had 3 days extra, and counting from 12th January, the 30th day would have been February 13th, Saturday. In that case, I thought that I had till Tuesday to respond since Monday was President’s day, and as such serving them on the 16th, was timely. This is a bad position to be in so I figuring a way to to get myself out of the hole without having my client going into a panic mode. Thanks in advance.

  • Debbie Bell says:

    Wonderful content. I love reading this.

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