§ 4 Responses to MY BACK PAGES

  • Can you give your spin/opin on SB2493, expected to be signed by the Gov. on May 13th, a/k/a The Supporting and Strengthening Families Act?

    • Larry says:

      The chancery judges discussed this and we are of the general opinion that the statute allows POA’s only through DHS. If you notice, it says that the POA must be “facilitated” by a specified agency, and it requires a background check. Neither of these could be accomplished by private individuals acting on their own. With that understanding, we are more or less at ease with it. The thinking is that the statute is intended to make it easier for DHS to make placements without involving the parties in Youth Court.

  • Bill Duke says:

    I just found your Blog via Tommy Freeland’s. I am very impressed and wish every Chancellor would share preferences.
    I also enjoyed your take on Scruggs.

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