March 11, 2013 § 4 Comments

Those of you who receive updates to this blog by email got one from me last week with some Mississippi trivia questions. That was a mistake. It was meant to be published at the end of this week and I apparently hit the wrong button, prematurely publishing it. So it appeared on the web site only briefly before I took it down, but the email went out regardless.

Here’s the way WordPress works: I compose posts at my convenience, on days when trials have been settled, or between conferences with attorneys, or at other slack times, and save them as drafts, or save them with a setting to be published at a later time. For example, I am writing this on Friday, and it is set to be published Monday of next week.

Two lawyers have asked me whether I am up at 6:00, a.m., typing feverishly away in an effort to make a post to my blog. No, that’s not the case. The posts are written in advance and appear when I schedule them to do so.  Otherwise there is no possible way I could take care of my trial and other business schedule and this, too.

That’s the way it works here at Chancery12.

§ 4 Responses to HOW THIS WORKS

  • The search function comes in very handy for a few of us rookies! 😉

  • I get the e-mails and visit the website. The WordPress iPhone/iPad app is very handy for following Chancery12 and any other WordPress blog.

    • Larry says:

      This blog has 51 email followers, and 19 who are notified via WordPress.

      The stats show that the blog, not email, gets between 250-300 viewers per day, M-F (100-125 each on Sat and Sun). A number of lawyers have told me that they check the blog 1-2 times a week, so that means I’m reaching well in excess of 1,000 different readers a week. Each viewer looks at 1.5-2 posts per visit, so that means that they are digging behind the front page for more info.

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