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If you practice any significant amount of family law, you should seriously consider joining the MSB’s Family Law Section.

It costs only $15 a year, and you pay it when you pay your annual bar dues. Joining is a simple matter of checking a box on the form and paying the additional few bucks.

This came to mind recently as I re-read the Spring edition of the section’s newsletter, SECTION QUARTERLY REPORT, edited by David Bridges, Esq., of Ridgeland. It’s got a recap of MSSC and COA decisions, as well as a piece on some web sites helpful to practitioners (I plan to pirate some of that for a future post).

In addition to the newsletter, you get access to the section’s listserv, where members can share ideas, ask questions, commiserate, and do victory laps. Members get a discount admission to the Hot Tips CLE seminars, which, I can attest, are well worth your attendance. The section is also mulling over plans for some telephone lunch CLE seminars, which have been a big hit with other sections.

At 339 members, the Family Law Section is the fourth-largest MSB section. If all family lawyers joined, I am sure it would easily be the largest section, and with added resources and membership, could expand its array of services to members.

Some of us have had unpleasant experiences in the past with organizations where the hierarchy is inbred, and much of the time is devoted to self-aggrandizing war stories. That’s not the case with this section, in my experience. There is a genuine interest in advancing domestic relations law in Mississippi, and in improving practice.

Officers are: Dean Holleman, Chair; Sheila Smallwood, Vice Chair; Harold O. Grissom, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer; David Bridges, Past Chair; Debra Branan, Exec Committee; Jak Smith, Exec Committee; and Mack Varner, Exec Committee. All of the officers are accomplished attorneys with years of domestic relations law experience.  

$15 is pocket change. You need to do this. It will help you network with other lawyers who may send business your way, and you may tap into some valuable input that will improve your practice.

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