May 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

  • Preservation in Mississippi is a wonderful blog that highlights Mississippi history as reflected in its architecture and artifacts. This post features First Presbyterian Church in Water Valley, a Romanesque Revival structure built in 1896.
  • Gail Falk was a COFO worker in Meridian during the Freedom Summer of 1964. Her blog, Freedom Songs, has several posts about her experiences, with photos.
  • The anthropological record shows that fully 85% of all societies in history have been polygamous. An interesting paper published by The Royal Society explores the societal benefits of monogamy, and discusses how monogamous societies were able to advance more rapidly than polygamous ones because of their greater stability, ease of commerce and lack of internal conflict. There are implications for our culture’s practice of what amounts to serial polygamy via divorce and remarriage.
  • 101 Really Good Ideas for You and Your Law Practice.
  • Judges should avoid even the appearance of impartiality.” Some legal exam malapropisms from Legal Ethics Blog.
  • The über-creatif Marshall Ramsey crafts a clever storylet about a high-powered Mississippi lawyer who is in too much of a hurry and finds himself in hot water in the crossroads of Possum Lick. Or is he?

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