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  • R. E. Mongue says:

    I use the checklists in classes on at least a weekly basis and several blog posts here are required reading for my paralegal and pre-law students. A practice handbook would be invaluable to bench and bar, but not likely profitable in a monetary sense. If you divide royalties by hours committed to each project, I’m still quite short of minimum wage!

    • Larry says:

      I’m glad you’re putting my posts to good use! I had a paralegal tell me yesterday that she is trying to implement in her office most everything she reads here. As for the book, maybe someday. I would have to do it for the love of the profession and not for filty lucre, as you have with your book. Thanks.

  • Judge – Judge Walker turned me on to your blog a month or two ago. I have put together a notebook indexed by subject matter on the lists and such you have posted. I showed it to the judge and know I’ve had to prepare him one! Have you ever considered putting together a practice notebook on the topics you discuss and make it available to lawyers? It is handy to have the checklists that you know the judge has to consider, and confine yourself to those bulletpoints so as not go off like lawyers like to do in overkill mode and stray onto a rabbit trail. – Reggie Blackledge

    • Larry says:

      Thanks, Reggie. I encourage lawyers to make their own notebooks and use the material at trial. Anything that helps lawyers do a better job in turn helps judges do a better job. As for a book, I don’t know how profitable an undertaking might be. I wouldn’t rule it out, but I’m not planning on it either. Please tell Judge Walker I said hello.

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