January 26, 2012 § 2 Comments

Yesterday this little corner of the blogosphere recorded its 100,000th view. By 3:00 pm we had our 100,028th view. That’s in 19 months.

The statistics page (that you can’t see) tells me that we get an average of 226 views per day. That average includes weekends, when viewing drops to 50-150 a day, depending on Lord knows what.

A typical day has between 200 and 350 views, most typically around 300. I have seen views spike into the 500’s; the highest total being 560 on June 14, 2011, which was a post about the one-year anniversary of this blog.

I’m glad that so many of you find it useful. When I started this I had no idea so many people would touch base so often.

Please feel free to comment. I am sure your silence does not indicate total agreement with what I say. I am open to questions, critiques and pointers about the way you do chancery pratcice where you are (I am even open on this blog to “That’s not the way we do it in Jackson” comments).

§ 2 Responses to 100,000

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