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Channeling is communication with spirits.  Some people claim to be able to communicate with the dead or others in the spirit realm, and share the communications with those here on the terrestrial plane.

That’s what an Arizona lawyer did.  She convinced at least one client that she could “channel” messages from his dead spouse in the deceased spouse’s estate.  She told the client that she was receiving communications from the deceased directing them to take this action and that, and she was so convincing that she continued to represent the client for three years. 

Things got a little more complicated after she persuaded her client that his deceased spouse wanted the attorney and client to have sex, and they did.  The client filed a bar complaint charging that the lawyer was exercising undue influence.

You can read what the Arizona courts did discipline-wise here

Now, I am not suggesting you carry channeling beyond the bounds of propriety, assuming that channeling is itself, after all, within the bounds of proriety.

I am merely mentioning another possible career enhancement, not too far removed from the common practice of Mississippi lawyers to try to predict what the chancellor will do by hitting the ouija board with their clients.  Uh, most of you still do that, right?

If you are going to get into the channeling business, please try to make it obvious to the court that your behavior is channeling and not imbibing. 

And another thing you need to keep in mind: there are risks involved in channeling.  There is always the danger of out-of-control séances:

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