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They were so powerful that they thought they were gods, immune from the misfortunes of mere mortals.  They were Dickie Scruggs and all of his allies and fellow-travelers who rose to unparalleled power and wealth through bribery and corruption, until their un-god-like downfall.  Their story is an epic Mississippi saga.

The next book on the grotesquerie of Dickie Scruggs and his ilk will be out soon.  THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF ZEUS, by Mississippian Curtis Wilkie, former BOSTON GLOBE foreign correspondent and current Ole Miss professor, is set to be released October 19, 2010, and the author will be at Square Books in Oxford that day to talk about his book and autograph copies.

Author Richard Ford made these comments about the book on the Square Books web site …

Addictive reading for anyone interested in greed, outrageous behavior, epic bad planning and character, lousy luck, and worst of all, comically bad manners. Wilkie knows precisely where the skeletons, the cash boxes and the daggers are buried along the Mississippi backroads. And he knows, ruefully — which is why this book demands a wide audience — that the south, no matter its looney sense of exceptionalism, is pretty much just like the rest of the planet.

I reviewed Alan Lange’s and Tom Dawson’s book on the Scruggs downfall here.

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