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Chancellor Frank McKenzie attended the memorial service yesterday in Raleigh for Circuit Judge Robert G. Evans.  He sent his observations in the form of a comment to another post, and I though they should be on the front page, so they would not be missed.

Chancellor Frank McKenzie, 19th District July 23rd, 2010

I attended the Memorial Service today for Circuit Judge Bob Evans at the Smith County Courthouse in Raleigh.

Bob’s brother was a part of the service and he shared with us a framed note from a grammer school student that Bob kept on his desk.

The note stated: “Thank you for letting our class come to Court. I wanted to be a lawyer but after coming to Court it looks like being a lawyer is hard work. So I have decided to be a Judge.”

That was Bob’s sense of humor that he kept that on his desk.

Bob was a great Judge and he will be missed by many.

Bob donated his body to the University of Mississippi Medical Center for medical research. His wife, who pre-deceased him, did the same.

Everyone I know who practiced in Judge Evans’ court spoke of it as a privilege and an enjoyable experience.  If I could sum up all the comments, it would be “Trying a case before Judge Evans was what trying a case should be like.”  His wit, integrity, demeanor, experience and fairness will be missed.

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