June 15, 2020 § 30 Comments

As I mentioned here before, today’s is the final post on this blog, except as I mention below.

All of the content posted up to now will remain at this address for your ready access unless WordPress changes the rules to something intolerable, in which case I will try to let you know before disappearance takes place.

Please remember that the law changes all the time, so when you read that post from 2012 and think “Aha! Just the case I’ve been looking for!” it may be that it is no longer good law. This site has never been intended as a substitute for solid research.

Several people have asked me to replace my 4x/week posts with occasional pieces. Well, that would be more of a nuisance to readers trying to keep up than something helpful. I may share some of my photos from time to time. I’m no Ansel Adams or William Eggleston, or even Vivian Maier, but I do enjoy my cameras and I enjoy sharing my pictures.

There is a move afoot to create a chancery practice site. I don’t know whether it will be a static site, or a blog, or what form it ill take, but if you will support it, you will benefit.

More than 65% of my life has been dedicated to the law, the past 14 as chancellor. Despite all its shortcomings, I think the law is the noblest profession. My passion as judge has been to heighten professionalism and the level of practice. I hope this blog served that purpose.

So, thank you for letting me try to enlighten and entertain you these past ten years. It’s been an enjoyable experience. I have enjoyed getting to meet in person and by comment many lawyers I would never have crossed paths with otherwise.


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  • Rob Young says:


    Enjoyed reading your weekly blog for years.

    Very informative and interesting.

  • Arthur Johnston says:

    Thanks, Judge, for all you have contributed to modern Chancery practice. I will miss reading your blog.

  • Jim Williamson says:

    I hope you’ll post interesting cases and your analysis of the from time to time. I think your blog is a great service and I really appreciate your effort. You are a true academic.

  • Cameron Abel says:

    Thank you, Judge Primeaux! You have been a steady voice and invaluable guide. Best wishes to you.

  • randywallace says:

    Thank you for the work you put into the blog. I will greatly miss your daily posts.

  • Bentley Conner says:

    As you point out, there is no substitute for solid research. But, your blog has kept us on our tippy toes.

    So, thanks Judge. You will never lose your appeal.

  • Jim Davidson says:

    Larry, your blog has been a great resource to me from the beginning. The content has always been timely and professionally explained. I believe that my last twelve years while on the bench were the most rewarding to me personally. I met and worked with some fine lawyers and people that I would not have met otherwise AND fellow judges with whom I have strong friendships, such as yourself. I, too, believe that the practice of law is the noblest profession. We must continue to all be vigilant and not lose sight of making sure justice is done in all cases. I choose to believe that when, “Dick The Butcher” said in Henry VI, “Let’s kill all the lawyers”, he was advocating removing all impediments (the lawyers) who would oppose tyranny and wrongdoing. Sleep in a little now and have the satisfaction of a job very well done! Your friend and colleague, Jim Davidson

  • Chris Tabb says:

    Of the email’s I get each day this has been the one I read first. I’m sorry you are stopping but really appreciate all your efforts.

  • fsspringer says:

    I can’t imagine the hours you have spent running this blog. Those are hours you dedicated to the profession, to us, that you could have been doing anything. That, if nothing else, shows your dedication to the law.
    Being a practitioner who doesn’t regularly practice in Chancery Court, your blog has been a great help when I do go there. Thank you! I can’t imagine how it’s helped those who are there frequently.
    Congratulations, again, for your past awards, and for what I see as one of the greatest contributions to Mississippi Chancery Practice of all time, especially of the Information Age.
    Thanks, again, for such great help. Send us some good pics!

  • hale1090 says:

    I read it every day as well. Just Friday before Judge Little granted my motion to open an intestate estate, he asked if I read your blog. You have become the Judge Griffith of the modern age. Thanks for your help

  • yazoobarton says:

    Scary, today is. Because I have used your blog to “look smart” for years. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and common sense. Good luck, -mlb

  • Scott Mullennix says:

    Thank you Judge, for all of your hard work. Your blog has been an amazing insight to how a Judge looks at issues, as well as being a wonderful practice resource!

  • Zeke Downey says:

    My extremely good secretary put me onto your post a couple of years ago, and I have really enjoyed and profited from it. So thanks, and go easy on this old lawyer if I ever get in your court and file a demurrer instead of a 12(b) motion or whatever.

  • Dustin N Thomas says:

    Thank You for the time and efforts you have put into this blog, I read it daily. Thank you for making me a better lawyer.

  • chuck says:


  • Edna says:

    I understand, but this blog has been a God send! Thank You

  • Glenn Taylor says:

    Well done. We will miss your comments and analyses.

    On Jun 15, 2020, at 6:04 AM, The Better Chancery Practice Blog wrote:

     WordPress.com Larry posted: “As I mentioned here before, today’s is the final post on this blog, except as I mention below. All of the content posted up to now will remain at this address for your ready access unless WordPress changes the rules to something intolerable, in which c”

  • Mike Gatling says:

    Thanks, Judge!

  • Randy Garner says:

    Thank you.

    Sent from my iPhone

  • Glenn says:

    Thank you for all you have done for our profession. I shall miss your posts. Glenn

  • Winky Glover says:

    It hate to see this go, but do understand why. Thank you for helping us help others more effectively.

  • Helenkelly lawfirm says:

    Your blog has been most informative. We have never meet but I have heard good things about you from other Chancellors and lawyers. Enjoy your free time and the rest of your life. Stay safe.

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  • Cindy Zirlott says:

    Thank you Judge. You will be missed. I have enjoyed reading your blog every morning and it was a great pleasure to meet you when you came to Pascagoula to speak at a Bar luncheon. Not only have you assisted attorneys, but paralegals like me, who like to stay informed and help my attorneys. Many times I have said, “oh Judge Primeaux talked about that the other day, let me go find it”. You have helped me immensely.

  • Donald says:

    Judge — thank you so much for your insightful posts of the years. I look forward to seeing the photos that you post as well.\

  • Philip Thomas says:

    Thank you for your dedicated hard work. Four posts a week for 10 years is amazing. I will miss it.

  • John Daniels says:

    Thank you!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  • Dave Pumford says:

    Thank you so much for years of beneficial practice advice and so much more. The occasional photo, musing, or Friday dispatch would be most welcome if you ever feel like it! Thanks again.

  • Marge Selby Self says:

    Many, many thanks over the years. Will miss the quotes as much as anything.

  • Josh Clemons says:

    Thank you so much!

  • Caleb May says:

    Thank you Judge. Your blog has been invaluable to me and my practice. –

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