The End is Near

May 8, 2020 § 24 Comments

No, not that end; this end.

June 14, 2020, will be the 10th anniversary of this blog. Ten years is a long time for anything, much less a blog that requires weekly attention.

Every June anniversary since I started this I have said that I would continue as long as I enjoyed doing it. Around the beginning of January I began to feel that the burden had begun to outweigh the enjoyment. I found that I was resisting making time to compose these posts, so that I didn’t have a cushion of at least a couple of weeks scheduled ahead, and that created unenjoyable pressure. It had begun feeling more like a chore than an enjoyable project.

I began thinking the unthinkable: how much longer can I keep this up? I wondered whether my feelings might change. After all, we all go through slumps.

But here we are in May and my feelings haven’t changed. The Covid-19 quarantine has brought home to me that I can take a more relaxed approach and still perform at a high level. It taught me, too, that I can slough off some things that I have been toting around without creating an existential threat. One of those things is this blog.

So, my friends, my last post here will be June 15, 2020, when I will bid you a bittersweet farewell. Fear not, the site will remain up; just no more new posts after the closing date.

More on the denouement Monday.


§ 24 Responses to The End is Near

  • Renee’ Wells says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and gleaming from the weekly tidbits. Your keen insight will be missed.
    Thanks so much 😊

  • Jim Williamson says:

    I hope you will reconsider and at least post when a pertinent change in the law comes from the courts or the legislature. Some of us are quite dependent on you.
    Very respectfully,
    Jim Williamson

  • Richard Young says:

    We who have benefited from your blog greatly appreciate the sacrifice you have made to members of the bar. Your blog is considered an authority. God Bless.

  • Zeke Downey says:

    As a tired old lawyer, I just got to my computer late in the day, and a lot of good lawyers have already expressed regrets about your decision. So I’ll just say that the blog has been useful and much enjoyed by me since I was turned onto it by my smart secretary who knew of it because she once worked for a smart lawyer who valued it. So, thanks, Judge.

  • Eric Tiebauer says:

    I hate to hear this but am glad you are going to keep it available. It is very useful to myself and for clients to read as well.
    You and your’s stay safe,

  • susan steffey says:

    As trite as it is, truly thank you for your service. You have elevated the family law bar to new heights and taught us so much–always with grace and a good bit of humor. We are also thankful that you will leave the site up so we can acess this treasure trove. Wishing you a wonderful and less taxing summer.

  • Sheila H Smallwood says:

    This makes me sad, but I completely understand. This blog has been so beneficial to me as a lawyer and a chancellor. I’m glad to know that it will be available for reference when needed. Thank you!

    Sheila Smallwood

  • Pieter T says:

    Echo all the comments (Ben, so eloquent – especially under the current virus circumstances).

    Judge, your time and teaching have proven invaluable to many of us. Best chancery practice guide since Griffith’s, 2nd Ed. (1950). Plus your Friday posts always brought humor and uplift! Stay safe and THANK YOU.

  • vicki cobb says:


    Sent from my iPhone


  • Helenkelly lawfirm says:

    I understand but I will certainly miss your posts. Enjoy your life!!!



  • Ken Flynt says:

    I’m sorry to hear this, but it’s understandable considering the time requirement. I’ve enjoyed reading your words. Please consider publishing weekly or monthly.

  • Richard Roberts says:

    Worst news I have had in awhile. Please consider just the “occasional” post when the spirit moves you!

  • baldridgelawfirm says:

    Judge, I want to be one of the no doubt countless to express appreciation for your contribution to making chancery court practitioners across the state more knowledgeable and effective at helping thousands of clients. I have relied on your posts too many times to count and they have aided me in most every chancery court trial/hearing I’ve participated in since I’ve started practicing. The members of the Mississippi Bar are indebted to you, as are the thousands of our clients who will never know how much your blog helped get them custody, a modification, an adoption, etc. It’s helped many of mine! You truly are a gentlemen and a scholar. I’ve learned a lot about chancery practice from you as well as to keep my top button on my shirt buttoned 🙂

  • Lindsay Jones says:

    Judge Primeaux, thank you for your dedication to this blog and to our practice. I’ve been practicing for 10 years. As a newly licensed attorney practicing in Chancery, your Blog was a saving grace. I’ll never forget the moment I discovered your blog as I was agonizing whether I needed to open a Conservatorship or a Guardianship. Thank you again and I am glad to know the blog will remain up as I am sure I will continue to need to search it!

  • H.J. Davidson, Jr. says:

    Larry- I can only imagine the effort and time it takes to not only post, but to get it right, which you have done so expertly over these years. During my time on the bench, I read the blog daily and encouraged lawyers to use it as a reference and guide. I commend you heartily for your service in this regard to the judiciary and bar of this State. Thanks for your knowledge and professionalism, but most of all for your friendship! Be safe! Jim Davidson, Chancellor 14th Chancery (retired)

    • Larry says:

      Jim, I miss seeing you, my old friend.

    • Jim Davidson says:

      Same here Larry. Retirement is good, but I miss all the great people I worked with and my relationship with my fellow Judges. I always marveled at how our colleagues agonized over getting it right. Take care and stay safe. Hope to see you soon. Jim

  • Tom Suszek says:

    Your Honor, I hate to hear this but certainly understand. Life’s too short.

    All the best, Tom

    Thomas J. Suszek
    Holcomb Dunbar
    P.O. Drawer 707
    400 Enterprise Drive
    Oxford, MS 38655-0707

    Ph 1 662 234 8775
    Fax 1 662 238 7552
    Direct 1 662 238 7518

  • gunlawyerforyou says:

    I understand, but I hate to hear this. I am, without question, a better lawyer as a result of reading this blog. This blog has been an untold blessing to the lawyers and clients of the state.

  • Deanna Graves says:

    Really going to miss this but completely understand. Thanks for all the knowledge.

  • Winky Glover says:

    I will miss this. It has helped me help clients do what they need to get done and I thank you for it.

  • Edwin Lee Bean says:

    No Please No!!

  • Ben Conner says:

    Ancient Chinese wisdom is that a sinking ship always puts the elderly in the life boats first. Inscrutable logic is that we will always have enough women and children to propagate the species. But, when the wisdom of age and experience is lost, it is lost forever.

    So….please consider leaving the blog active. And post to it when the Paraclete thinks it appropriate.

  • Bill Ready says:

    Sorry to learn of that decision. But at our ages I certainly understand.

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