Looking Ahead to 2020

December 30, 2019 § Leave a comment

If hindsight is, indeed 2020, then it follows that 2020 should be the year of hindsight, right?

But we do have some things to look forward to in 2020. So using foresight, here are some:

  • A slew of amended MRCP. The Supreme Court Civil Rules Advisory Committee has been busy over the past two years studying and revising the MRCP and Advisory Committee Notes to make them more functional, to address problems that have surfaced since the rules were adopted in 1982, and to clear up inconsistencies. The committee has sent a number of proposed amended rules up to the MSSC, and already the court has published an amended Rule 26. Look for plenty more in 2020. In fact, go to courts.ms.gov and click on Research/Rules/ Rules for Comment and you’ll see many there now for your study and comment. I encourage you to add your thoughtful comments. The end result of the changes will be more clarity and functionality.
  • New chancery court rules (UCCR). In October, the Conference of Chancery Judges unanimously approved new, revised UCCR and filed a motion with the MSSC to adopt them. If the court does adopt them, the several of you who do read and try to follow them will find them more accessible, clearer, updated, and consistent in form.
  • The GAP Act. It will be a new era for guardianships and conservatorships. Gone will be the confusing and sometimes contradictory web of statutes, replaced by a more streamlined system with clearer nomenclature and procedures. Yes, there will be a learning curve, and, yes, there are some tweaks that must be done in the upcoming legislative session to address some questions, but overall it will be an improvement.
  • Bell on Mississippi Family Law. Professor Bell is working on the third edition of her treatise, and it should be out in the new year.
  • New law every Tuesday and Thursday. For those of you who have bemoaned developments like those mentioned above, don’t forget that the law is ever-changing and evolving. Always has been and always will. If you question that, just read the hand-downs from the COA and MSSC every Tuesday and Thursday. There you will find weekly revelations, some of which challenge or even wipe out your long-held legal assumptions.

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