A Fond Farewell

December 28, 2018 § 4 Comments

Today we bid adieu to a host of chancellors who are leaving the bench, most for retirement, some for other careers.

It’s bittersweet to have to say good-bye because I have come to know them all as dedicated, intelligent, honorable, brave, wise, and diligent. Some are studious and serious. Some are carefree and humorous. All are successful.

Those who never go behind the scenes of chancery can not appreciate the relationship between the practitioner and his or her chancellor. Lawyers look to their chancellor for wise counsel, guidance, and a firm hand. They expect the chancellor to hold them to high levels of professionalism. They expect the same when the chancellor is on the bench.

In my 45 years in the law, I have never seen this many judges leave the bench at the same time. We are losing a treasure of wisdom, knowledge, and talent. And so we note our parting with John A. Hatcher, Jr., H. David Clark, II, William H. Singletary, Edward C. Fenwick, Jon Barnwell, Sandy Steckler, Marie Wilson, Jane Weathersby, Johnny L. Williams, M. Ronald Doleac, Jerry G. Mason, Kenneth M. Burns, H. James Davidson, Dorothy W. Colom, Edward E. Patten, Jaye A. Bradley, Michael L. Fondren, V. Glenn Alderson, and John S. Grant.

Best wishes, bon voyage, and good luck.

§ 4 Responses to A Fond Farewell

  • Eddie Fenwick says:

    Study Professor Bell’s book and Judge Primeaux’s blog and you will be a better Chancery practitioner.

  • Katie Hester says:

    Bon voyage and good luck also to Hinds County Chancellor Patricia Wise who leaves the bench after 28 years as a terrific chancellor.

    Katie Hester

  • rondoleac@co.forrest.ms.us says:

    Learned Chancellor Primeaux and all –

    It has been a blessing and a privilege to serve with

    you all!

    I wish you all good health, happiness, and

    continued success in all your endeavors.

    Mississippi has a long tradition of an independent

    and strong Judiciary. That tradition will surely continue!

    God Speed!

    Ron Doleac

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