Judicial Election Results

November 7, 2018 § 7 Comments

Please post the results from your districts via comment, like a bulletin board.

Be sure to include the District, names of the contestants, and any numbers you have. If not final due to missing precincts, please note that fact.

§ 7 Responses to Judicial Election Results

  • Larry says:

    In an update today, we learned it will be Chad Smith and Vanessa Jones in a runoff in District 10, Place 4.

  • Larry says:

    Distrct 12, Place 1, Charlie Smith def. Frances S. Stephenson

  • Larry says:

    Per Beverly Kraft:

    District 1, Place 1, Runoff between Koon and Tennison

    District 5, Sub 5-2 Wise def. Harrion

    District 5, Sub-4, Runoff among Brown-Barrett, Carter, and Grove (2 candidates tied with 27% each)

    District 6, Place 2, Kirk def. Jordan

    District 7, Sub-7,2, Runoff between Mills and Perkins

    District 8, Post 3, Runoff between Alfonso and Steckler

    District 10, Place 4, Runoff between Barber and Jones

    District 13, Place 1, Shoemake def. Buffington

    District 14, Place 1, Runoff between Faver and Turner

    District 14, Place 2, Runoff between Jourdan and Studdard

    District 14, Place 3, Drungole-Ellis def. Perkins

    District 16, Place 2, Runoff between Hasbrouck and Trehern

    District 16, Place 3, Maples def. Zorn

    District 18, Place 1, Runoff between Liddy and Little

    District 20, Place 2, Runoff between Coxwell and Odom

  • Sheila H Smallwood says:

    Chancery Court Judge – 10th District Place 3
    Bob Marshall – 18,602
    Sheila Havard Smallwood – 27,271

  • Reggie Blackledge says:

    13th – Shoemake the incumbent won over Buffington. The margin was huge but I don’t have the exact numbers.

    15th – Durr won the open seat of the retiring Chancellor.

  • John DeVoe says:

    District 10, Place 4

    Vanessa Jones 14,727 31%
    Stacy Sims Barber 9,257 19%
    Chad Smith 8,838 19%
    Christopher H. Howdeshell 8,209 17%
    Joseph L. Turney 5,865 12%
    Harry R. Lane 698 1%

    • Sheila Smallwood says:

      District 10 Place 4 race – after absentee votes were counted, there is a 14 vote difference between the 2nd and 3rd place finishers. So stay tuned on this race until after the affidavit ballots are either accepted or declined.

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