Bills Still Alive

February 5, 2018 § Leave a comment

The deadline to report bills out of committee passed last Tuesday, and, as expected, many bills fell away. The survivors of interest to chancery practitioners are listed below.

You can access the text of the listed bills at this link.

HB 419       Authorize Mental Health Courts.

HB 801       Emergency placement of children in home of a relative.

HB 827       Register mobile home as real or personal property.

HB 936       Impose privilege tax on attorneys who practice in state but do not maintain domicile or regular business place here.

HB 962       Revise requirements to file petition for grandparent visitation.

HB 1084      Terminate parental rights as to child conceived of rape.

HB 1091      Clarify that wrongful death claim may be opened outside estate.

HB 1169      Definition of personal property.

HB 1306      Construction dispute resolution agreements void in certain conditions.

SB 2044      Expand authority of Chief Justice to appoint special judges.

SB 2473      Revise Residential Landlord/Tenant Act to provide more protection to landlords.

SB 2557      Revise age of majority.

SB 2782      Revise parties entitled to notice in muniment of title cases.

SB 2810      Allow DHS to perform criminal background checks on all employees, contractors, and volunteers.

SB 2886      Allow representative or guardian to place security freeze on credit report of protected consumer.

An old legislator once told me that “a bill is never dead until it’s dead, dead, dead.” Meaning that some measure that you were sure had been laid to rest can yet rise zombie-like from its tomb to creep fully into life. So if there is some bill that you have been following — pro or con — you might want to keep one eye peeled for it just to see whether it finds its way back out into the arena.

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