Report on the Contest

November 8, 2017 § 14 Comments

Some weeks ago I enlisted your participation in The Expert Institute’s Best Legal Blog contest.

In doing so I expected a few hundred favorable votes, taking into account that I have a few more than 860 followers. Imagine my surprise, then when it was called to my attention that the blog finished first in its category on the closing day, November 3, with 2187 votes, besting the Lawyers Rock blog by some 83 votes.

In fact, TBCPB finished second overall among all blogs in every category, second only to the Workplace, Data Management & Security Report, which received 2371 votes. You can see the vote totals at this link.

Thanks to each and every one who voted, and thanks to all of you who read this. I hope you continue to benefit from it. By the way, last year your votes added this blog to the ABA’s Best Legal Blogs list. So we are on a roll.

The Expert Institute says it is tallying votes and will notify the winners. I presume they are examining hanging chads and will make a definitive ruling soon.

In the meantime, I appreciate the vote of confidence. It helps keep me motivated.

§ 14 Responses to Report on the Contest

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