I May Not Always be Right, but I’m Never Wrong

July 31, 2017 § 3 Comments

That title up there is a quote from Samuel Goldwyn, he of Hollywood studio fame.

A lawyer recently introduced himself to me and, after telling me that he read this blog every day, said to the effect that he thought I was not always right, but he enjoyed reading it.

Well, I totally agree with him. You see, what you have here is my unvarnished opinion on whatever I choose to write about. My opinions may not always be right, but they might send you off on your own quest for something more solid.

As for what I do in court, the appellate courts may not agree with my opinion (if they care), other chancellors may not agree, and even lawyers may not agree. But in my court I’m never wrong until the COA or MSSC says I’m wrong, or until I change my mind. And I think my opinions, as do yours, and those of other lawyers and judges, have some value in themselves.

Seriously, you should regard this blog as a starting point. As one reader said, he searches here first on chancery issues and then uses what he finds to search on Westlaw. That’s in keeping with what I have said here many times: this is a starting point. Where you go from here with further research and analysis may take you in a different direction.

I am never offended when someone challenges my conclusions and judgments. That is what the law is all about. That is how the law grows and develops. That is what lawyers and judges do. Out of the controversy we hope that truth will emerge, and I think in most cases that is what happens.

§ 3 Responses to I May Not Always be Right, but I’m Never Wrong

  • fsspringer says:

    Judge, your blog is invaluable to me and many lawyers I know (and probably a few judges, too.) I have seen young lawyers reading it. I have seen seasoned lawyers reading it. Your dedication to the profession is admirable. As Pieter says, I can’t imagine the time you dedicate to this blog. But I do know it’s very well appreciated by many. Thank you.

  • Pieter T says:

    This blog is a tremendous service to those of us who practice regularly in chancery court, as well as those of us who enjoy eclectic posts about the joy of life (which we often rush by on the way to the courthouse).

    As Rule 81 reminds us, chancery practice is a unique creature. Can’t imagine how much time this blog takes, but thank you for the best chancery resource since Griffith, 2nd ed (1950).

  • John Mooney says:

    Larry: As always, enjoyed the post. We should always search for the truth and hope that we find it in every case. Thanks. John.

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