A few Comments about Comments

February 22, 2017 § 2 Comments

From time to time I have to reiterate a few points about comments …

  • I welcome comments by lawyers and judges. I enjoy the input, even when it disagrees with or corrects what I post. I’m not infallible, and my point of view is not the only way to see things, so have at it. Add your own insight.
  • Laypersons are free to read this blog, but I limit comments to lawyers and judges. That’s my policy, and I’m sticking to it. Many comments I get from laypeople ask for legal advice, or what to do because their lawyer is not doing a good job, or the judge is against them, or what if this and that. There are lots of blogs and listservs that perform that function. This is not one of them. Mississippi law prohibits me from giving legal advice.
  • As always, all comments are moderated. If yours includes criticism of a sitting judge in a case, don’t expect it to be published.
  • When I use the term “lawyer” here, I mean lawyers and their staffs.

§ 2 Responses to A few Comments about Comments

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