Contested Judicial Elections

May 9, 2016 § 2 Comments

As I mentioned here before, 2016 is not a judicial election year, but there are plenty of contested judicial elections coming up in November due to turnover. The qualifying deadline is past, and here are the posts that will be on the ballot:


District 1, Place 3. Jim Kitchens; Kenny Griffis.

District 2, Place 2. Dawn Beam; Michael T. Shareef.

District 3, Place 1. James T. Kitchens; John Brady; Bobby Chamberlain; Steve Crampton.

District 3, Place 2. Jimmy Maxwell.


District 1, Place 1. Jim Greenlee.

District 2, Place 2. Ceola James; Latrice Westbrooks.

District 3, Place 1. Jack Wilson; Ed Hannan; Dow Yoder.

District 5, Place 2. David Ishee.

Chancery Court

District 1, Place 4. T.K. Moffett;

District 20, Place 1. John McLaurin; Jim Nix.

Circuit Court

District 5, Place 2. George M. Mitchell, Jr.; Doug S. Crosby.

District 10, Place 1. Justin M. Cobb.

District 11, Place 2. Linda F. Coleman.

The next regularly-scheduled judicial election year for trial judges is 2018, but all of the appointments that were made in 2015 will make for an unusually busy judicial election cycle this year, since appointees appointed more than nine months before the general election are required to stand for election at the next regular general election.

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