Would a Podcast Help?

April 18, 2016 § Leave a comment

We’ve visited here before some ways to educate your clients about what to expect and how to perform in the courtroom.

Sometimes, though, as you speak of these things with your client you get the distinct impression that your words are not making contact with gray matter. The client fidgets, eyes are glazing over, he keeps interrupting with impertinent what-if questions, and the whole thing seems like a waste of time. Worse, even after going over these things with a  seemingly receptive client, she performs in the courtroom like you’ve never met before. What else can you do?

Maybe a podcast would help.

You can provide your client with a link to a podcast where you repeat all the helpful guidance your client needs to be at his or her best in the courtroom. The beauty is that the client can listen to it at leisure– hopefully when he or she is more focused, can listen to it 100 times if desired, and it will provide a measure of comfort to address all those “what-if” questions. Most importantly,  time spent by the client listening to podcasts is time not spent calling and emailing you.

Here’s a link I found to a podcast by a multi-state domestic litigation firm that you might find useful in coming up with your own.

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