Easter Monday

March 28, 2016 § 6 Comments

God is not in this place; the rock is rolled away
and He has gone down into the neighborhoods
to suffer with the powerless, the criminals, the poor,
to bring them peace, justice, loaves, fishes.

He is not hidden in a cloud of incense or jumble of words;
God is what God does, not what we think of Him,
not what we say about Him, nor what we believe about Him,
God acts, and His acts are what and where He is.

We have thought too much on God,
the inscrutable ways and mysteries of Him,
probed His meaning so unknowable;
sought Him, everywhere but where He is.

Like visitors to the bottom of the sea
lurching in the oppressive dark current,
we see not what we gaze upon,
turning our eyes upward to the light.

Look not up, but here: God is with us, right beside us;
where we are bombed, terrified, starved, gassed;
loved, hurt, sick, strong, worried, happy, poor, sad,
comfortable, ignorant, old, young, feeble, He is here.

We have thought like thought could know Him,
yet when a shadow falls, it is only a shadow,
not the awakening or the apocalypse;
enlightenment eludes us like the brush of a butterfly wing.

God showers grace and mercy on us in a bouquet of love;
that is what God does, and that is how we will know Him,
here, right beside us, among us, feeling what we feel,
holding our hand if we will only let Him.

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