Dickie Scruggs and Redemption

November 18, 2015 § 2 Comments

If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that I have not been a fan of Dickie Scruggs and the damage he did to the legal profession and our courts.

Aside from his arrogance and trampling of ethics, it galled me that he seemed to be trying to deflect the blame onto the judges he either corrupted or attempted to corrupt. I almost expected his post-prison persona to be devoted to a rehabilitation of his former formidable self, coupled with casting doubt on the criminal cases that brought him down.

But the exact opposite has happened. I saw a recent interview with Tom Brokaw in which Mr. Scruggs admitted that his criminal conduct came about because “I got too big for my britches,” and “It was hubris” plain and simple. In a Clarion-Ledger interview he said, “I regret what I did. I paid a high price for it. After all, I pled guilty to corruption.” Those are breathtakingly humble admissions from a man who once ran over anyone and everything that stood in the way of what he wanted, ethics and the law be damned.

In prison, he came to grips with how far he had fallen and rediscovered decency. He began tutoring inmates for an adult GED program. Since his release, he has begin promoting adult illiteracy classes. You can read the Clarion-Ledger interview at this link. Scruggs says in the interview that he misses the practice of law, but now he has a worthy cause to which he can bring his advocacy skills.

I wish Mr. Scruggs well in this endeavor, as we should all. He is no longer a colleague, and never again will he be, but he is trying to make a difference in our poor, undereducated state, and that deserves applause and encouragement, no matter who is doing it.


§ 2 Responses to Dickie Scruggs and Redemption

  • Toni Miles says:

    Nice article on Scruggs. I am an anchor/reporter on the coast. You should check out the news story I did with Mr. Scruggs about two months ago for WXXV News 25 in Gulfport, the FOX and NBC affiliate. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your columns and insight and I believe your assessment of Scruggs is spot on. That’s what I gathered during our interview. Also shows demand for accountability while tempered with grace and mercy on your part. Keep up the good work! Toni Miles

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