Columbus’s Friendship Cemetery

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§ 5 Responses to Columbus’s Friendship Cemetery

  • Jenessa Hicks says:

    these pictures are absolutely beautiful. i am a cemetery buff. i love to walk through old cemeteries and see the stories they tell. we had one where i am from (small town in lousiana), where the main part of the cemetery is ornate and magnificent. there is a small fence which separates that part from what has become the forest. if you walk into the forest, you’ll note countless marked and unmarked graves, sometimes with nothing more than a rock to memorialize the dead. these are the graves of the slaves of the town in years past. what a stark and sad reminder of the ways of the past.

  • Lee Watson says:

    As an alum of MSMS, I recommend anyone, with even a remote interest in history, make the trip to Columbus at least once for Tales From the Crypt in Friendship Cemetery. Certainly worth the time.

  • Bob Wolford says:

    That’s were my deceased family members rest. Always make it a point to pay my respects when I’m up that way. Beautiful place with a lot of history, situated on the banks of the old Tombigbee River.

  • Helen kelly says:

    Absolutely magnificent!!

  • Cory N. Ferraez says:

    Beautiful cemetery. Home of the first Memorial Day circa 1866.

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