A Heartfelt Plea

June 3, 2015 § 10 Comments

I don’t usually share my personal correspondence with others, but since most of you are regular readers, I felt that it would be of some benefit to you to read this emotional email I received last week:

Dear Beloved

I write to you in good faith and hoping that you will understand the importance of my email. My decision to contact you is because I have been recently diagnosed with Cancer and the doctor said I have less than 6 weeks to live.

Since this sudden news was announced to me, I have been reflecting over my life in the past. It is painful that after over 24 years of peaceful marriage with my late husband, we had no child of our own that will inherit our numerous wealth. In the past, I have made reasonable donations to the victims of Earthquake in Haiti and recently to the same victims in Japan and Thailand. Now that my health is gradually deteriorating, I cannot continue to do all these by myself any more.

Because I have no relation, me and my husband grow up as orphans in Orphanage homes that is why I am making everything possible to make sure half of my funds go to Orphanage homes hence I can no more handle this Charity I please that you should complete this program once you receive the Funds which was deposited in Freedom Security Bank, take half of the total funds for yourself and use the half for charity and also build Charity Foundation.

I strongly desire to reach out to the poor and needy people, but I would prefer to continue this with the assistance of a kind person. I want you to answer the following questions, (1) If I donate (32.5) Thirty Tow Million five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars to you, which is all I have in this world can you be able to utilize it wisely to achieve my heart desire of supporting poor people around you? (3)Will you open a charity foundation in the name of Me and my late husband and Please reply me as soon as possible.

If you are ready get back to me with the below details.

1 your full name

2 your country name

3 your Telephone number

4 your Present Occupation

Yours Faithfully.

Mrs Ann Williams

Doesn’t that just tear at your heart?

Now, I don’t have anything against orphanages or Orphanage homes or trusts or rich people who can’t figure out how to spend their millions, but I think I’ll pass on Ms. Williams’s proposition for several reasons.

For one thing, I do not know Ms. Williams. For another, anyone who addresses me as “beloved” at one end of her correspondence and then has to ask my “full name,” country name, and occupation … well, that just kind of confuses my emotions. Her incoherent rambling does not reassure me. Oh, and this is transparently and patently a scam.

I get one or two emails like this every month. I am sure you do as well. I always think to myself “Who would be crazy enough to fall for something like this?” and then I remember that a wealthy Meridianite some years ago lost nearly $50,000 in a similar scam. He was a prominent businessman who should have known better — and didn’t need the money that was dangled before his nose — and just got greedy at the idea of money for nothing.

So, “dear beloved” readers, I encourage you to trash these easy-money emails before you, too, get burned.


§ 10 Responses to A Heartfelt Plea

  • Jane Tucker says:

    I just got one from Michelle Obama! It starts out: “I am Mrs. Michelle Obama and I am written to inform you about your Bank Cheque Draft brought by the United Embassy from the government of Benin Republic in the white house Washington DC which contains the sum of $20.000.000 millions us dollars credited from the bank of America, the delivery of your funds has been mandated to be deliver to your address on Friday being 5th of june 2015 to you as soon as you get back to me with your home address and your cell phone number.”

  • Jim Williamson says:

    It is my understanding that the Meridian businessman knew it was a scam and was trying to outscam the scammers.


  • This is my usual response:

    Thank God! I am currently hiding in Canada dressed in disguise as a Little Bo Peep. My funds are becoming depleted and this will give me a much needed infusion of cash to remain in hiding. The US FBI is searching for me as suspect in murder of my husband. It was merely an accidental death as I will explain: my husband tripped and fell on a knife, accidentally stabbing himself in the back 36 times. While crawling to the phone to get call for help, he accidentally crawled across his pistol, causing it to fire and shoot him in the head eight times. How he managed this as the pistol only hold six rounds is beyond me, but he managed to do it. Now they think I killed him and I must run and hide.

    Can you load these funds on a prepaid credit card?

    Thank you kindly,

    Ineeda Gopea

  • Bob Wolford says:

    People that accumulate 3.5 million dollars do not write letters like this, grammatically and substantively.

  • JH says:

    I think she is friends with a imprisoned Nigerian prince I know.

  • Hedy Morris-Dayton says:

    Wise advise Judge. Although, a letter like this tugs at your heart strings, it is difficult to believe that this is nothing more than a ruse.

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