New Laws that may Impact Your Chancery Practice

May 5, 2015 § Leave a comment

The legislature enacted some laws in the recently-completed session that might affect your practice in chancery court. I may have comments on some of them later, but for now here is the list:

  • HB 153: “MS Uniform Statutory Rule Against Perpetuities.” create. 03/23 Approved by Governor.
  • HB 177: Courts; prohibit from applying foreign law under certain circumstances. Approved by Governor.
  • HB 272: Bad checks; include electronically converted checks and electronic commercial debits. Approved by Governor.
  • HB 405: Commercial Real Estate Broker Lien Act; clarify definition of “commercial real estate” under. Approved by Governor.
  • HB 556: Domestic violence; revise procedures related to. Approved by Governor.
  • HB 692: Emergency Response and Overdose Prevention Act; create. Approved by Governor.
  • HB 700: Estate bond requirement; authorize court or chancellor to waive. Approved by Governor.
  • HB 703: Judicial redistricting; revise. Approved by Governor.
  • HB 711: Landlord-tenant; provide for disposition of personal property remaining on the premises after removal of the tenant. Approved by Governor.
  • HB 959: Minors; clarify appointment of guardian ad litem, enact protections for child witnesses. Approved by Governor
  • HB1049: Court reporters; increase salary for those in circuit, chancery and county courts. Approved by Governor.
  • SB2105: Children in custody of DHS; require notification of parents of child’s siblings in conformity with federal law. Approved by Governor.
  • SB2301: Uniform Interstate Family Support Act; create (corrected). 03/17 Approved by Governor.
  • SB2310: Mississippi Uniform Limited Partnership Act; revise and expand. Approved by Governor.
  • SB2364: Real property liens; clarify Notice of Contest of Lien form. Approved by Governor.
  • SB2390: Service of process; sheriff may retain fee for attempt to serve. Approved by Governor.

Please don’t ask me to comment on these yet. In most cases, I know as much about them as you do. I’ll post on some of them later after I have had an opportunity to read and digest them.

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