Spring Broke

March 11, 2015 § 4 Comments

Years ago I had a school-teacher client. She came into my office for an appointment one day and greeted me with, “And how is your summer going?” I answered, “About the same as my fall, winter, and spring.”

Point being that school schedules operate in a kind of time warp that has no direct relation to the Gregorian calendar observed by the rest of us, but impacts us nonetheless.

Court calendars take on a decidedly vacant look when the time for Spring Break arrives. Lawyers report that their clients are off on far-flung journeys with vacationing school children in tow, and so are unavailable for those court hearings that were seemingly so urgently needed to be scheduled only a few months ago when no one paid close attention to what else might be going on in that second week of March.

And the lawyers themselves are taking the calendar loophole to make treks to exotic places. Even lawyers with no school-age children. Hey, why not, it’s Spring Break, after all! I know of lawyers here in our district — encumbered or unencumbered with children — who are off to the beach, or on cruises. Put the snow and ice behind and get away for a few days to a sunnier clime.

Meantime, the courts plod along this week in their pedestrian way — Spring Break or no. It’s a gray, showery, thunder-stormy week here in most of Mississippi, so you Breakers have the right idea, I guess.

When I practiced law, I often pointed out that I had the liberty to take off as much time as I wished, but with the realization that I didn’t get paid if I did not work. Or, as another lawyer put it when he was asked by his wife, “Why don’t you take off a week and take me on a trip?” He responded, “And which week will you go without eating?”

Anyway, best wishes to all you Breakers — with child and childless alike. We know you’re having a wonderful time. Wish we were there.

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