R.I.P. Chancellor Ray H. Montgomery

December 15, 2014 § 6 Comments

Retired Chancellor Ray H. Montgomery died Sunday, December 14, 2014.

§ 6 Responses to R.I.P. Chancellor Ray H. Montgomery

  • Judge Montgomery was appointed to handle a case in South Mississippi after the local chancellors had all recused. I was representing a defendant and had filed a motion for summary judgment. When I got to the podium, he told me that he was inclined to deny my motion, but he would listen. That was not just courtesy–he did listen, and in the end decided to grant the motion. He then told me to get him an order dismissing my client.

    About 75 miles from my office, I proudly told the chancellor that I would send him an order immediately once I was back in Jackson. I was met by an incredibly piercing stare.

    I understood very quickly that I needed to get the judge an order, and right then. I found a deputy clerk who let me use her computer and banged one out as fast as I could type.

    This was a very good lesson for me to learn–get your work done and get it done now. There’s no reason to put it off for later.

  • Patricia Smith says:

    I am GAL on a case he still had open. When I first met him, he scared me to death, asking “little lady please come up here.” I thought I had done something awful. I was thanked for the report I had turned in. I later found out that compliments were hard to come by from him and I will cherish his wisdom. If anyone knows about arrangements, please post it.

    • Larry says:

      Funeral will be at 11 am on wed, 12-17 at 1st Baptist Church in Canton. Visitation will be 5-7 pm on Tuesday, 12-16, at Breeland Funeral Home in Canton. Graveside service and burial at 2 pm, December 17, in Cato Cemetery in Johns, MS.

  • Andy Stewart says:

    Judge Montgomery was a fine Judge. Not may Jackson attorney’s liked appearing before him. He would always mark up the Judgments and send them high-tailing it back to Jackson to make the corrections. Just when you thought you had it down, he would find something else wrong. Glad I was from Canton. He taught me more about procedure than anyone else I knew at the time.

    • Larry says:

      I second that. He was tough on unprepared lawyers who wasted everyone’s time, but worked with lawyers who tried to do it right. Judges like he are often appreciated more after they are gone.

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