How the Contested Chancery Judge Races Turned Out

November 6, 2014 § 11 Comments

The following is what I have pieced together from news reports. If anyone can add anything, please feel free to comment.

Eighth District (Hancock, Harrison and Stone), Place 2

  • C. Stephen Benvenutti
  • Jennifer Schloegel (incumbent) W

Eighth District, Place 3

  • Ronnie Cochran
  • Sanford R. “Sandy” Steckler (Incumbent) W

Eleventh District (Holmes, Leake, Madison and Yazoo)

  • Barbara Ann Blunston
  • Robert G. Clark, III W

To fill the seat being vacated by Chancellor Janace Harvey-Goree

Thirteenth District (Covington, Jefferson Davis, Lawrence, Simpson and Smith), Place 1

  • J. Larry Buffington
  • David Shoemake (Incumbent) W

Thirteenth District, Place 2

  • Mary K. Burnham
  • Deborah Kennedy
  • Gerald M. Martin

To fill the seat being vacated by Chancellor Joe Dale Walker

Sixteenth District (George, Greene and Jackson), Place 1

  • D. Neil Harris (incumbent)
  • Paula S. Yancey

Last report was that the unofficial total had Harris ahead by 38 votes.

Sixteenth District, Place 3

  • Michael L. Fondren W
  • Gary L. Roberts

Incumbent G. Charles “Chuck” Bordis withdrew from the race

Eighteenth District (Benton, Calhoun, Lafayette, Marshall and Tippah), Place 1

  • Glenn Alderson (incumbent) W
  • Carnelia Pettis Fondren
  • Tina Duggard Scott

Eighteenth District, Place 2

  • Helen Kennedy Robinson
  • Robert Q. Whitwell (incumbent) W

§ 11 Responses to How the Contested Chancery Judge Races Turned Out

  • Joey Norton says:

    Fifteenth District (Lincoln and Copiah) To fill the seat vacated by Judge Ed Patten

    Joseph Durr – W
    Renee Berry

  • Bob Wolford says:

    Off topic here, but are y’all keeping up with the developments on Chris Epps’ federal indictment? Good gosh almighty. Supposedly more to come of this.

  • Jane Tucker says:

    Byers is in a run-off up in Lafayette County for Circuit Judge. This may be THE most depressing thing about Tuesday’s elections. She’s pretty much proven she lacks what they call a judicial temperament. I mean there are TWO reported decisions from the Mississippi Supreme Court regarding actions taken against her by the Judicial Performance Commission.

    • Bob Wolford says:

      That is a shame. Were there 3 or 4 candidates running, and if so could those candidates get their electorate to throw support behind the other guy?

    • Bob Wolford says:

      Wait a minute, what office did she hold when the JPC dinged her? I assumed since the JPC went after her she was already a circuit judge, but I don’t see her listed on the county website in that capacity.

      • Jane Tucker says:

        She WAS a circuit court judge in the Delta. She was so bad she lost a reelection contest to an opponent. So she’s been trying to get elected elsewhere. You, know, where they might not know how terrible she was when she previously sat on the bench.

      • Bob Wolford says:

        Good gosh that’s awful. FWIW, there was a circuit judge candidate down in Columbus running against Coleman that had federal tax liens filed against her property. When asked about it in the local paper, she said something like “I don’t anything about that, you’ll have to ask my husband, that’s his business . . . .” She didn’t even come close to getting a runoff.

  • In Place 2 for the 13th, there will be a runoff between Burnham and Martin.

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