Perfecting Your Appeal

July 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

I think there is considerable confusion among attorneys over how to perfect an appeal and what are the deadlines that apply.

Jane Tucker has an excellent post, Perfecting Your Appeal, that sets out the process in 1-2-3 order, in about as clear a fashion as can be done. I recommend that you read it and have it handy for your next appeal.

From motions and orders of the MSSC that cross my desk, I have seen confusion over appeal bonds, deadlines, deposits for record costs, and designation of record. It’s really not that complicated, though; the MRAP applies, and the procedures are there.

Two final points … (a) MRAP 24(b) requires that the trial judge be served with a copy of every brief; in practice, this is not being done; and (b) If you file a petition for an interlocutory appeal, it would be courteous and a singular mark of your professionalism if you would simultaneously serve a copy on your trial judge because she is permitted to file a response within 14 days of your filing, per MRAP 5(b).

I don’t usually address appeal procedures here because I try to focus on chancery trial practice. With the apparent confusion I have seen among some lawyers in getting their appeals aloft, I thought this might be helpful.


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