Four Years and Counting

June 12, 2014 § 17 Comments

This blog was born on June 14, 2010. This coming Saturday will mark its fourth birthday.

The inspiration to do this came from an exasperated chancellor in an adjoining district who called to inquire whether I was having problems, as he was, with attorneys not complying with the amended adoption pleading requirements and jurisdictional residence periods. Those amendments had been in effect over two years, and lawyers were still expressing surprise that there had been any changes in the statutes. I had been dealing with the matter one lawyer at a time, with scant progress.

I cast about for a way to address a wider audience: CLE? Newsletter? What would work best? One morning, enjoying one of my usual blog-readings, it occurred to me that, if I could build up a readership, I could get the word out more effectively. A blog could do that. And if the scope were widened enough to include many of the things I have learned over 40 years of practicing law and judging, then it might just be worthwhile.

So I started Chancery12, with “News and helpful information about practice in the 12th Chancery Court District, Place 2.” Later, I broadened the scope further, simply focusing on “Better Chancery Practice” in our Mississippi courts.

The result is that I have heard from lawyers and judges across the state (and even in other states) who have found this useful and helpful. Nearly 300 of you receive updates via email. There are 400-600 visitors per day, M-F.

I enjoy hearing from everyone. I don’t always have time to address your comments, emails and even correspondence. I hope that does not offend anyone.

The blog comments are always a good source of thoughful (sometimes humorous) interchange of views. If you have stood on the sidelines reluctant to comment, I encourage you to jump in.

I reckon we’ll keep on going a while.


§ 17 Responses to Four Years and Counting

  • It is invaluable, Judge Primeaux. In my opinion, it’s a necessary blog subscription to anyone practicing in Chancery Court. Thank you for putting it together and keeping it running.

  • I have been practicing for over 43 years and only recently discovered your blog. I have found it to be very helpful and I print and save most of your blogs in a binder. You are providing a great service to the bar.


  • Bob Wolford says:

    As a lawyer that is expanding his practice into Chancery Court, this blog is an invaluable resource. I dare say that this blog (free, I might add) is more valuable to me at this juncture than a lifetime subscription to WestLaw or Lexis. If I need to know how to get an estate kicked off on the right foot, you have at least a couple of checklists. If I need a general barometer reading on how the courts are interpreting and applying Ferguson and/or Albright, it’s here.

    Thank you very much for the time and effort you have devoted to this project. It has not gone overlooked.

  • Larry says:

    Thanks to aall for your kind and encouraging comments. I really had not intended this post as a troll for compliments, but had I done so I could not have had happier results.

  • Jane Tucker says:

    I’m still overjoyed that you were elected! The blog is the cream cheese icing on the cake.

  • thusbloggedanderson says:

    The blog is a great resource, and the more personal posts are enjoyable as well. Thanks for devoting your time to it!

  • Your blog is a great service to the bar, and enjoyable, too. Thanks so much for it; I’m surprised, given the size of the bar, it does not have a larger readership.

    Tom Freeland

  • Allyson says:

    I have referred to your blog more often than not when I have a question about how to proceed with an issue. As a matter of fact I had a question posed to me this morning that I knew you had written on a similar situation and came back to see what you had to say about it. Your blog isn’t just a good tool for lawyers. It’s also a huge help to paralegals, too.

  • Al Jordan says:

    Brilliant blog. Each post is a micro CLE and who knows how many hours I’ve earned.

  • Pete Haley says:

    Judge, please keep the blog going..I do mixed criminal and a smattering of dometic relations, but the “hometown” wisdom, meaning attend to the basics, is something younger lawyers (and experienced ones for that matter) need. I am 65 and was taught by EG. Courtright, and the basics and maxims of equity \have seemingly been overlooked by the civil rules.

    Pete Haley

  • Bob Bresnahan says:

    You have no idea how important this blog is to my practice providing me with ways to be more effective in my trial presentation and therefore more successful for my clients.Thank you!!

  • Winky Glover says:

    Thank you for doing this blog. When I have a MS law question related to Chancery matters, your blog is often where I start.

  • Edwin L. Bean, Jr. says:

    Thanks judge for your efforts. Your blog is like my morning coffee, got to have it!!!

  • Tim says:

    Judge, I for one read your blog daily and have learned a ton and I have been practicing 34 years, but learning or relearning is a ongoing process. I have actually used your blog for research a number of times. I often circulate your blogs to other members of our firm. It is a valuable tool and I really appreciate the time and effort you take to make us better lawyers. Thank you.

    Tim Holleman

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