Pending Legislation of Interest to Chancery Practitioners

February 10, 2014 § 1 Comment

Here is a list of bills that may be of some interest to you in your chancery practice. I relied on the titles to select the bills to list; I have not read all of these.

You can click on this link to find any of the listed measures. You will find information on the bill, including its status, sponsor, and the committee(s) to which it has been referred.

HB 32   Partition of property; revise method of appointing freeholders.

HB 44   Courts; prohibit from applying foreign law under certain circumstances.

HB 67   Special judges; revise compensation cap.

HB 126   Protection from domestic abuse; clarify record.

HB 218   Uniform laws; create Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act.

HB 342   Uniform laws; enact Uniform Foreign-Country Money Judgments Recognition Act.

HB 409   Mississippi Bar; remove repealer.

HB 427   Licensed school employees; allow use of personal leave near holiday if summoned by court.

HB 486   Birth certificates; Tribal Court of the Choctaw Indians has same authority as chancery courts to make changes/corrections in.

HB 487   Tax liens; provide for centralized filing with the Department of Revenue.

HB 511   Liens; bring forward stop-notice sections.

HB 570   Evidence; revise provisions regarding certain privileged communications.

HB 579   Court Collections Fund; create.

HB 696   Real property; clarify certain identifying information for instruments presented to the chancery clerk for recording.

HB 810   “Andrew Lloyd Law”; require DHS to be notified before a mentally ill person receives treatment if person has minor children.

HB 837   Judicial qualifying deadline; bring forward for purposes of amendment.

HB 878   Sex offenders; clarify notice to volunteer organizations regarding status.

HB 882   Mississippi Entity Conversion and Domestication Act; enact.

HB 884   Unclaimed Property Act; revise several provisions of.

HB 885   Overdue child support; payable to custodial parent after emancipation of child.

HB 891   Rule against perpetuities; revise with respect to certain trusts.

HB 917   Mississippi Trust Decanting Act; create.

HB1014   Physician Order for Sustaining Treatment Act; create.

HB1026   Trial courts; bring forward circuit, chancery & district attorney sections.

HB1030   Commission Against Interpersonal Violence; create.

HB1031   Domestic abuse protection orders; authorize justice & municipal courts to issue final orders.

HB1033   Domestic violence; revise.

HB1042   Uniform Premarital and Marital Agreements Act; enact.

HB1058   Guardian ad litem; clarify duties and appointment.

HB1084   Uniform Power of Attorney Act; create.

HB1400   Abortion; prohibit performing at or after 20 weeks.

HB1411   Foreign executor or administrator; revise authority of financial institutions to turn over property or funds of a decedent to.

HC 25   Parental rights; State of Mississippi recognizes.

B026   Tax liens; provide for centralized filing with the Department of Revenue.

SB2125   Authority of chancery court to revise birth certificates; Tribal Court of MS Band of Choctaw Indians has same authority.

SB2180   Adoption; expedited for readoptions of foreign-born adoptees.

SB2240   Uniform laws; create Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act.

SB2471   Cyber-bullying; revise and clarify electronic communication offenses.

SB2474   Trial courts; redistrict.

SB2476   Domestic violence; clarify sentencing status of multiple offender, revise protection order.

SB2480   Adoption records, confidentiality of; provide for contempt and misdemeanor proceedings.

SB2483   Mental commitment cases; revise screening process.

SB2559   Commercial Real Estate Broker Lien Act; create.

SB2622   Contractor’s liens; revise stop notice law.

SB2626   Domestic violence; revise penalty.

SB2629   Domestic violence; clarify when arrest may be made without warrant.

SB2676   Witness fees; conform to juror pay.

SB2727   Mississippi Uniform Trust Code; create.

SB2809   Uniform Power of Attorney Act; create.

SB2837   Domestic Violence Protection Order Registry; require arresting officer to perform check.

SC 523   Amendment to the United States Constitution relating to parental rights; urge Congress to propose.

SC 531   Post-ratify federal voting age 18 amendment to the United States Constitution.SC 542 United States Constitutional Convention under Article V; apply for federal debt consideration.


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