A Law Library in Your Pocket

October 10, 2013 § 1 Comment

MC Law scores again in the “Useful Things for the Practice of Law Department.” This time, it’s an almost-app you can add to your home screen on your mobile phone, tablet, or even your laptop. 

I say “almost-app” because it’s really a link to a web site you access via your mobile, but the text is maximized for mobile use.

The link is http://law.mc.edu/mlr/. Enter it in your browser and follow the instructions to add an app-like link to your home screen.

Here’s what you will find in this mini-library:

  • MRCP
  • MRE
  • MRAP
  • Rules of Professional Conduct
  • MCA 1972
  • MSSC Opinions
  • MCA Opinions
  • All Court Rules
  • Constitutions of 1890, 1868, 1832, and 1817.
  • MC Law Library Online Catalog
  • Judicial Data Project
  • Legislative History Project

It also includes the federal rules and even has access to PACER.

MC Law continues to lead the way in innovations that are not only useful and helpful for pratitioners, but also in a readily-accessible form. Almost everyone carries a cell phone around, even to court. When the judge says, “If you would read Rule 81, you would know what I am talking about …” you can whip out your cell phone, tap a couple of screens, and scroll to the very subsection in question.

And when you’re sitting in the back of the courtroom for a couple of hours waiting to present your case, it’s comforting to know that you can spend that time reading (or re-reading) the Constitution of 1817.

We’ve talked here before about MC’s ingenious Judicial Data Project. It’s a treasure trove of appellate information, including a database of briefs, videos of oral arguments, decisions, and more.

The Legislative History Project is a video archive of legislative debate over individual bills and select resolutions as they actually took place on the floor of the Mississippi House of Representatives and Mississippi Senate. Searchable by bill number, bill author, and bill description. The site says, “Provided with each video clip is a summary of legislative action taken that day. The project also links to the Mississippi Legislature Web page where more information may be obtained regarding the individual bills and their principal author.”


§ One Response to A Law Library in Your Pocket

  • Readers

    I am grateful for the publicity Judge Primeaux provided for our new “almost app.” I hope you will find this product of the MC Law Library to be helpful in your practice. We offer it free of charge to the public in recognition of the generous support the legal community provides to legal education in Mississippi. This is not found at the “app store” but is simply accessed from the url http://www.law.mc.edu/mlr (no charge).

    We want to expand and improve this app. If you have suggestions or comments that would help us make improvements, please send them to Dean Mary Miller at MMiller@mc.edu.

    Warm regards.

    Jim Rosenblatt
    Dean, MC Law
    “Let Justice Roll”

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