The Starting Point

August 2, 2013 § 4 Comments

A pleasant young lawyer from far away in the exotic west of Mississippi dropped by my office last week on a probate matter. I signed her order and we visited briefly.

In the course of the conversation she complimented my work on this blog and said that she always finds something thought-provoking, even when she does not agree with my conclusions.

Ah. Mission accomplished.

As I have emphasized to anyone who will listen, this blog is not intended to be an authoratative reference work. It’s intended as a starting point. It’s a place where you may find a case or a concept that you might not have known about, and which will start you on your quest to put together the authority you might need to convince your sitting judge.

The posts here represent my best judgment about the law, but they are, above all, one judge’s opinion. You may disagree with my conclusions (and some commentors do). But if they provoke you to dig a little deeper, or to take what I have said and try to hammer it into a shape that will fit the predilections of your particular chancellor(s), then the blog is doing its job.

Welcome to the starting point.


§ 4 Responses to The Starting Point

  • Tim Holleman says:

    I have “said” before sorry

  • Tim Holleman says:

    Larry I have say before I enjoy your blog more than any other and each week I find something I circulate to all members of our firm. From time to time I will search and find one of your blogs on a subject I’m researching. It’s a credit to the Bar and Judiciary that you take the time to do such an excellent job. Young Lawyers take note you should subscribe to this site read it weekly you will be a better lawyer for it. I have been practicing 32 years and still learn something new or refresh my knowledge of something I forgot daily which is one of the reason I love the practice of law. It is a fun and rewarding profession and not just ab money at least to me.

    Tim Holleman

    • Bob Wolford says:

      Tim- with all of the technology, computers and this informative on-line blog, I sometimes scratch my head and wonder how your father and others in his generation managed to do the remarkable job they did. I know they had forms and all that, but still- it had to be much more challenging procedurally back in the day to get it right the first time.

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