June 14, 2013 § 6 Comments

Three Years

Today, June 14, is the third anniversary of this blog.

My rather modest, original purpose was to have a place where I could post helpful information for lawyers who came through my court. I anticipated that the lawyers in this area would tap into it, and that it would improve their performance, and mine in the process. If 5-10 lawyers a day would view it and find something useful, that would be good, and I could say to myself, “Mission accomplished.”

Over time, though, the scope of the blog became far more expansive than I had envisioned. Where I had initially intended to talk about how we do things in District 12, I found that more and more posts dealt generally with chancery practice.

I learned that lawyers in other parts of the state began to find a resource here, not just a court-district web site. Word had spread and lawyers across the state discovered the blog. Some CLE presenters were citing the blog as a resource. More than one law professor pointed their students to it on particular points (the spike in viewership at law school exam time is big). Some judges began referring lawyers to it as a source to help get their probate matters straight, or to clean up their trial practice. In time, viewership steadily increased, and in all parts of Mississippi (and some other states, I might add). I regularly heard from lawyers passing through that they and their colleagues were using what they found here.

Today, much to my astonishment and delight, I get between 250 and 350 different visitors each weekday, and have 83 more following via email or otherwise. There have been 887 posts and 1,490 comments.

I am gratified that I have been able to be of some help. My hope is that everyone can find something here that will improve their chancery practice in even a small way. If nothing else, lawyers can take what I say as a modest starting point to improvise, create and come up with even better ways to do things. That’s what I am aiming for: Better Chancery Practice.

When I set out I promised myself that I would blog for a year, five days a week, and, if at the end of that time I ran out of things to say, or it proved too much of a chore, I would find some other project. Well, I have never yet concluded that I ran out of things to say (keep your opinions to yourself), and this has not yet proven to be too much of a chore. Thus, I continued on, and here I am today, and for yet a while.

Going Forward …

So how long will I keep this up? Well, I imagine I will as long as I feel like I have not run out of things to say, and it doesn’t prove too much of a chore. I might add, though, that every time I get feedback that the blog has helped a lawyer or judge in some way, it recharges my batteries and keeps me going further.

I’ve concluded, though, that I could improve some things around here. I want the appearance to be brighter and more appealing. I want to shed the impression that this is a local-court-district web site. And I want to help readers re-discover some useful info that may have become buried over time.

So, here are some coming changes:

  • Beginning Monday, June 17, 2013, the blog will have an entirely new look (sorry, Anderson) that I am confident you will find to be crisper, more readable, and brighter.
  • The name will change to reflect the broader scope of the blog. I want to get away from the idea implied by the name that this is only a court-district web site.
  • The URL will not change. You will still find this at
  • Older posts will be reprised from time to time to help those who have not been around from day one to discover helpful posts from the past. At 887 posts, it can be hard to sift through that haystack.

There you have it. It’s been fun thanks to all of you. And as long as it continues to be fun, I’ll be here.

Ciao for niao.


  • Jim Davidson says:

    Thanks, Larry! Keep it going. Regular reader, friend and colleague! Jim Davidson

  • Judge, your blog is invaluable. I first saw it not long after you began. I was a 3L at MC Law. The word spread through the class because every little bit of input is helpful when studying for the bar exam. I didn’t know how many people actually read your blog until I attended a couple of Family Law CLEs, all in Jackson. At least one speaker at each mentioned your blog, and several in the audience were familiar with it.

    As one out there trying to practice the best he can, I appreciate your blog beyond measure. Congratulations on the three-year mark!

  • So pleased that you’re continuing the blog. The more I read, I became concerned that this one might be your last! I look forward to seeing your changes and continuing to gain very useful insight about chancery practice and the practice of law in general.

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