May 9, 2013 § 3 Comments

Attorney Joy Harkness of Legal Services in Meridian posted a comment to a post yesterday that raised an intriguing question — one that you might just bump into in your own practice, particularly with the numbers of migrant workers in our state.

Here’s the query:

“I am looking for assistance in serving process on a resident of Mexico. It is my understanding that process by publication is not valid under the Hague Service Convention if the address if the defendant is known. It is also my understanding that the summons has to be translated into Spanish. I am looking both for advice on the procedure and someone to provide the translation.”

Has anyone else run into this, or has anyone researched this?

I thought this should be in a post, where more folks might see it, rather than in a comment.

We have a notable number of divorces (almost all I.D. divorces) involving Latin-Americans, mostly Mexicans, in this district. They are as routine as any other I.D. divorces, but there are some with problems. I denied one father’s request for visitation because he could not provide a legitimate address, and claimed to have lost his passport. When I asked to see his DL, he produced a fake with a fake address. Since two witnesses had testified that he had said he wanted to take the children back to Mexico with him, I thought that he should be better documented before we did that.


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