April 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

You should have received your Winter edition of The Mississippi Lawyer earlier this week, or maybe you will receive it today or tomorrow.

My initial reaction when I gazed at the photographs of the 14 prominent, accomplished women on the cover was “When will we be able to say, simply, ‘here are 14 notable colleagues in the law,’ and not have to draw gender distinctions?”

And then I opened the cover to see the Mississippi Valley Title advertisement that is the opening page inside. I’ll not spoil the delicious irony of that ad for you, but I think when you see it you will agree with me that it communicates quite eloquently why we are still at a stage where we need to focus on the contributions and abilities of women.

As for the magazine, the articles give an insight into the obstacles and hurdles that some of them had to overcome, but mostly, as I read, I was impressed with the fact that their stories are the stories of all Mississippi lawyers. They are stories of hard work, dedication, ideals, and service.

In my experience, in this corner of the state, women lawyers have been successful and have done a good job. The Twelfth District’s own Polly Covington of Quitman is one of the women highlighted in one of the articles. Congratulations, Polly. As the dean of Clarke County lawyers, and a battle-scarred veteran, I know you provide wise counsel and mentorship to other women in the profession in our area.

The other women who are featured are some of the best lawyers, judges, legal educators, and leaders in the state. I have been fortunate enough to know and work with a number of them. 

So, yes, it is still appropriate and desirable to praise the achievements of women in the law. Still, I wish we would get to the point where we’re all just lawyers.

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