November 7, 2012 § 6 Comments

Anybody else got this email? I got it last week, complete with the Regions graphic.

It’s phony. First of all, I don’t do any business with Regions Bank, and I have no reason to have any “incoming Payments” there.

Also this language reads suspiciously like the Nigerian scam artists, doesn’t it? … “to VALIDATE your informations and wait for responds from Regions Bank ,” and “we apologies for any inconvenience.” Best of all … this is cute … it comes from a “security prevention” team. I’ll say.

Me, I’m not biting on this one. I don’t need their incoming Payment, informations or responds, or even their apologies.

This comes on the heels of a flurry of bogus Comcast “Security Alerts” emails with the Comcast logo.

  Dear Sir/Madam,
At Regions Bank We are proud to announce about our new updated secure system. We updated our new SSL servers to give our members a better, fast and secure service.
Due to the recent update of the servers,Your incoming Payment was placed on pending status In order to receive this payment CLICK HERE 
to VALIDATE your informations and wait for responds from Regions Bank . . We apologies for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.
Sincerely,Christopher Polumbo Regions Online Banking Security Prevention Team

The information transmitted is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged material. Any review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of, or taking of any action in reliance upon this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited. If you received this in Spam, please kindly move it to inbox.


§ 6 Responses to NOT BITING

  • Anytime I receive an email that looks suspicious and includes a link to the suppossed real website and I think there might be somthing to it I always log in on a seperate browser page directly into that company’s website and check from there. If there really is something you need to know they should have a message for you on their own site you can access. Never use links in emails unless you are absolutely sure they are legitimate.

  • I got one today from Lexis Nexis Accurint. It looked pretty good except it was the same ole subject, “we are clearing out our unused accounts…” Plus the url link was obviously a spam site (and Google Chrome alerted on it, too.)

    Some people have nothing better to do…

    May favorite was the e-mail from the “FBI” stating if I didn’t send them my account information I was going to be indicted.

    • thusbloggedanderson says:

      Well, now that the terrifying Kenyan usurper has been re-elected to impose his socialist tyranny on a helpless republic, you probably WILL get indicted.

  • thusbloggedanderson says:

    When you place your mouse over the “click here” link (WITHOUT CLICKING!), you can see at the bottom of your browser the address in question, which looks nothing like a Regions site. That’s another handy, though not infallible, way to distinguish 90% of these spammers from the real thing.

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