October 25, 2012 § 2 Comments

This blog certainly welcomes comments. Thoughtful and thought-provoking comments about trial experience, insights into the law and its application, and the practice of law are encouraged.

The focus of this blog, though, is to be a help to lawyers and judges. Non-lawyers who happen upon this site need to be aware that the information here is of only limited use unless you have the training, background and experience to understand and apply it. And it represents only one individual’s interpretation, which may or may not carry the day in any given case with any particular judge.

Lately I have received comments that I have not published because they are clearly by laypersons seeking legal advice or wanting to trash lawyers or judges or the law in general. Those kinds of posts will never be published here, so you needn’t waste your time writing them.

Likewise, if your comment is unaccompanied by a valid email address I will not publish it (the email address will not appear on the published comment; it’s for my use to determine your bona fides and standing as a member of the legal profession).

§ 2 Responses to A NOTE ON COMMENTS

  • Tim says:

    Judge, we appreciate your blog. I have actually used it for quick research a couple of times when I recalled a couple of your blogs on particular issues.

    Thanks for your efforts!!

    • Larry says:

      I appreciate your comment. It points up something I have told lawyers many times: use this blog as a starting point and go from there. It’s fine for a quick refresher on a point as you hustle off to court, or to call your attention to something you weren’t aware of, or as a source of a case site you had trouble finding, etc. But it doesn’t take the place of real lawyering and research. Thanks for the encouraging words.

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