July 16, 2012 § 2 Comments

If you missed Dateline NBC’s piece last night on Greenwood in 1965 studying white citizens’ racial attitudes, here is a link that will take you not only to the original 1965 report, but also to last night’s that focused on Booker Wright, a black waiter at the then-segregated Lusco’s restaurant, who spoke from his heart about the humiliation of segregation, a statement that cost him his job and other indignities.

For those of us who lived through it, the 1965 report is a disturbing reminder of the way things were, and how desperately unequal were our two ways of life — black and white.

For those of you too young to have experienced it, I urge you to see this to help understand where we were, and to help you evaluate where we are.

Ray DeFelitta, the son of the photojournalist who filmed the 1965 study, has a post on his blog about the Dateline segment. Ray is working on a documentary showcasing his father Frank’s work on Mr. Wright, along with Mr. Wright’s granddaughter, Yvette Johnson.

I recommend you take some time to view these.


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  • Stewart Parrish says:

    Watched “The Help” again last night. Tho progress has been made, it is remarkably inadequate. Fifty years should have made a greater difference.

    • Larry says:

      I can’t disagree overall. But considering where we were, I think it’s remarkable where we are.

      I am reading “Freeman” by Leonard Pitts, Jr., the story of several people, both blacks and whites, in the immediate aftermath of he civil war, when the slaves had been freed, but no one knew what exactly that meant or how they were going to live. It’s well-written and interesting. I recommend it.

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