May 31, 2012 § 2 Comments

Here are a few helpful links I found listed in the MSB’s Family Law Section March, 2012, newsletter …

  • ourfamilywizard.com offers a range of tools to assist parents, lawyers and courts with joint custody arrangements and custodial conflict. Calendars, message boards, documentation of parental time, private email, visitation schedules and tools for swapping dates, and even documentation of payments are services offered through this site. There are even apps for mobile devices. There are services for parents, lawyers and even judges. Lawyers and judges can create professional accounts for free. Parents are charged $99 each per year, and lawyers can monitor the parental accounts they create. Children can even have an account for free, and there are services tailored for them. I recommend you take a look at this and see whether it is something you can use to benefit your clients. If you are the only lawyer in town making use of this, it might just be an edge you can use to market your firm.
  • SEARCH is the “online resource for justice and public safety decision makers.” What you will find here is a compilation of links to various isp’s and links that include information services and contacts for service of subpoenas and court orders. For example, if you need to subpoena E-Bay or AOL records, there is a link here you can click with information on how to contact their legal department to get that done.
  • Reverse Phone Lookup will tell you who is on the other end of that phone number that your client found on the telephone bill, as well as the carrier and address of the caller, so you can issue a subpoena. It will even provide the info on previous owners of the number, which is helpful in the event that the owner hastily cancelled the account after being “busted.” There is a subscription fee, but it is relatively modest.  
  • VisaLady.com is a service that will get you birth certificates (I wonder why the birthers didn’t use this to get the info they were looking for), court records, passport and visa records, and other international records. There is a service fee that depends on what you ask them to do.
  • How long will that cell phone provider maintain data? Retention periods for the six largest carriers are provided at this helpful link. It tells you how long they maintain text message details and content, email, subscriber info, call details, cell towers accessed, ip sessions, pictures, billing and payments, store surveillance videos, and service calls. Thanks to Springer Law Office for this link.

With so much information available at a keystroke via the internet, I wish someone would compile a list of links helpful to everyday practitioners and post it somewhere for all to use.

If you have some useful links you’d like to share, post a comment and let us know about it.



  • Two links that aren’t necessarily for litigation per se, but can be very useful or informative:

    meetways.com – find a meeting point halfway between two addresses. You can specify “points of interest” such as restaurants, stores, public buildings, etc. at which to meet. Great for figuring out a meeting point for exchanging children for visitation.

    divorcediscourse – This site is run by North Carolina family law attorney Lee Rosen. He shares lots of information on marketing, technology, and law practice management. The information presented is primarily aimed at those of us with relatively new practices, but there’s lots there that would be good even if you don’t practice family law.

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