April 19, 2012 § 2 Comments

I posted here and here about pending legislation that might affect your chancery court practice.

Here is a list of pending bills affecting the judiciary that are still alive (or as the legislators say, “not dead”).

As you can see, most of what has survived has to do with criminal laws and procedure, or domestic violence, with a couple of exceptions.

HB 484. Judicial and DA pay raise, 2012 version passed both houses and was signed into law.

HB 1268. Makes several significant changes to the adoption statutes, including a provision that an attorney representing an adoption agency must complete training, is in conference.

Believe it or not, that is all from the previous lists I posted that has made it this close to the finish line.



  • Anderson says:

    Fee increases go into effect July 1, I see. $200 to appeal now, $50 to move for rehearing (was $25), $40 more to file suit, and various other nicks and scratches.

    Let’s hope it becomes financially worthwhile for some sitting judges to get electoral opponents – present company excluded!

    • Larry says:

      Thanks for excluding me! (I think!)

      Even with the increases, we are ‘way behind other states in our region … in both filing fees and salaries.

      That being said, I am sad that we had to resort to a fee increase on users to accomplish what should have been done with a straightforward increase in the judiciary budget.

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