August 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • A very tongue-in-cheek take on Twelve things you should never say to your child.
  • Politics from the grave … partisan epitaphs.
  • Ants have transparent abdomens, which makes for some fascinating photographs when they are dining on brightly colored candy.
  • All of Kemper County is in a desert. And so are parts of Meridian. A Food Desert, that is. Or so says the USDA, which has taken upon itself the task of designating areas of the USA where poor people do not have near access to a supermarket as “Food Deserts,” which you can pinpoint on their locator. Their thinking is that lack of nearby supermarkets means that the denizens eat only fattening food at convenience stores and fast food outlets.
  • Which dietary supplements are proven to work and which are not? This graphic shows the evidence. Good: folic acid, green tea, probiotics. Not so good: akai, beta carotene, flaxseed oil.
  • If you yearn for the “good old days,” remember that a huge chunk of that imaginary era did not include air conditioning, as this article in Slate on the history of air conditioning will tell you.

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