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Only yesterday morning, I posted here about the internet and the unauthorized practice of law, taking the position that internet legal-forms dealers are practicing law without a license and raising the question “I wonder what the state bar and the district attorneys are doing to rein this in?”

Well, ask and ye shall receive.

Yesterday afternoon I received an email from the state bar announcing that it filed a petition with the Supreme Court last Friday to amend the appellate rules and the rules of professional conduct to define more clearly the practice of law and to spell out sanctions available to the courts for those who are found to be engaged in unauthorized practice.

You can read the proposed rules here.

Apropos of what I said in my post yesterday is a provision making it clear that drafting legal documents and pleadings is in itself practicing law. There are many other provisions in what amounts to a sweeping and all-encompassing statement of what constitutes the practice of law.

I urge you to read these proposed changes and I encourage you to comment on them if comments are called for. If the Supreme Court accepts these, they will likely be sent to the Rules Committee, of which I am a member. If it comes to that, I will welcome any input.

As I said in my prior post, this is not about the legal profession or convenience for judges. It is about protecting the public. I commend the bar for addressing this problem.

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