June 24, 2011 § 3 Comments

  • The Legal Ethics Forum has a thought-provoking post about a study in Minneapolis in which lawyers were called upon to define professionalism by identifying lawyers they considered exemplars, and by identifying the traits they displayed.  ” … [T]hese exemplars talked about a way of being, of acquiring habits of reflection and soul searching, of questioning their personal assumptions about how to be an effective lawyer, or how to lead other lawyers.”  It’s an interesting addition to the concept of professionalism.
  • Do lawyers have a First Amendment or Fourteenth Amendment-due process right to wear baseball caps and jeans when appearing in court?  So far, the answer is no, as the First Amendment Center explains.
  • The increasingly negative cost-benefit ratio of a law degree has been the subject of much reporting over the past couple of years. Law grads entering the work force with massive student-loan debt have not been successful in finding jobs adequate to retire their debt.  Now, the WSJ Law Blog reports that some law schools are shrinking their enrollment in recognition of the fact that lawyer supply exceeds demand. Is it a trend or a bump in the road?
  • Ever wonder what the real numbers are behind all the budget debates in Jackson, in your county, your school systems, and in your city? See the Spending documented here. You will have to enter some info to “sign up.”
  • 380 free movies online here.
  • It will take you a couple of hours to read, but these 1980’s interviews and manuscripts of Sam Bowers, Jr., predating his conviction for the murder of Vernon Dahmer, will give you some insight into the mind of a murderous Klan leader and racist.
  • If you’re old enough to remember when music came on LP’s and cassettes (or 8-track), long before mp3 and iTunes, and even before CD’s, you will enjoy this article about how Columbia House made billions by giving you 10-12 tapes in return for your membership and commitment to buy some music.

    Such a deal

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  • […] Larry Primeaux posts today on his Chancery Court blog on a post on The Legal Ethics Forum. While it relates to lawyers, its applicable to paralegals as […]

  • Anderson says:

    Your Columbia House link didn’t work for me; try this?

    … Rather spookily, “Columbia House” was the Gestapo’s prison and torture chamber in Berlin; it remained the popular name even after Heydrich renamed it in 1935, tho I’ve never known where the name came from.

    • Larry says:

      Thanks for the head’s up. I fixed the link, I hope.

      I didn’t know that about Columbia House. I happen to be reading “Moral Combat” by Michael Burleigh, a moral history of WWII, and although there’s plenty about Heydrich, there’s no mention of Columbia House. The music service, then, was aptly named, because if you ever joined you soon felt like you were in a torture chamber what with missed notifications that brought you unwanted Cowsills and other bubblegum cassettes that you had to pay for or be dunned unceasingly.

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