June 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • Okay, all you art lovers.  Which is the Rothko and which is the aerial photo of a tulip farm?
  • Tina Fey offers a prayer for her daughter.
  • Is the law school industry a bubble, and is it about to *POP*?
  • Opera is a popular web browser in Europe.  Oprah is, of course, Oprah.  Give email accounts to folks who can’t spell, and you wind up with email intended for Oprah being sent to Opera.  You can read some of them and the responses here.
  • If you love to hoard stuff and would like to make some money off of it, Amazon has a deal for you. You can ship them (they pay the freight) your electronics, dvd’s, textbooks or video games, and they will send you a gift card you can use to purchase more stuff from Amazon. Only catch is that they only buy stuff they have listed as “eligible.”  Check it out here.
  • When you think of Walt Whitman, do you think about the poet or the Reconstruction Era bureaucrat?  You win the stuffed rabbit if you answered “both.”  Seems he worked in the US Atty General’s office in DC from 1863-1873 as a scribe or copyist, and generated memos recommending policy during the post-war period — 3,000 of them.  You can read and hear about it at the National Archives site.

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