May 25, 2011 § 3 Comments

Governor Barbour appointed Circuit Judge Ermea “E.J.” Russell of Hinds County, effective May 23, 2011, to fill the unexpired term on the COA formerly held by Judge Leslie King, who was earlier elevated to the Mississippi Supreme Court.

Judge Russell, who was Hinds County’s first black, female Circuit Judge, is the COA’s first black, female judge.  She has been a member of the judiciary since her appointment by Governor Fordice in 1998.

The State Judiciary website press release on her swearing in is here.

The appointment continues the trend of excluding chancery judges from the appellate courts.

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  • Thus Blogged Anderson says:

    I think I saw somewhere (maybe in comments on Thomas’s site) that Judge Owens doesn’t reside in the 2d COA district, so she wasn’t a possibility for it. Judge Russell lives in Flora.

    Agree that we need some chancellors on the bench, but OTOH, I hate to “lose” a good chancellor like Owens.

  • randywallace says:

    Phillip Thomas earlier reported about possible replacements ( http://www.mslitigationreview.com/2011/02/articles/politics-in-mississippi/step-1-appoint-judge-leslie-king-to-supreme-courtcheck-/ ) and mentioned that the name of Chancellor Owens from Hinds County had been tossed around a bit. Nothing against Judge Russell, but Chancellor Owens would be a great appellate judge.

    It will be interesting to see Judge Russell’s first few opinions.

    • Larry says:

      My first draft included a reference to the rumors about Judge Owens, but I elected not to include it.

      There is also a rumor that a female chancellor, not Judge owens, was offered and turned down the job. I did not include it (1) because it is a rumor, and (2) I did not want to make Judge Russell look like second-choice.

      From everything I hear, Judge Russell is a top-notch choice who will do a super job on the COA. My only disappointment is not with her; it’s that the more judges we have on the apppellate bench who don’t understand and appreciate the difference between chancery and circuit, the more likely it is that we will have decisions that will be hard to live with on the equity side

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