May 4, 2011 § 2 Comments

Over there on the right of the page is a list of links headed “LAWYER BLOGS.”  These links will take you to blogs published by Mississippi lawyers on topics of interest to Mississippi practitioners.  My intent is to provide links that you can check frequently for useful, entertaining information.  Blogs that are not updated regularly are deleted until they resume regular posting.

Several of these blogs I read every day.  Some I check occasionally to catch up.  Some are aimed at laypeople, and are clearly marketing efforts.  They might give you an idea or two about your own marketing.

All of these blogs are lawyers using the internet to inform, entertain, increase client base, or promote ideas about the law.  I encourage you to check them out yourself and use them as a resource.

  • Elder Law Blog.  Ronald C. Morton of Clinton posts on matters of interest in the filed of elder law.  For you lawyers who handle conservatorships, guardianships, trusts and wills, there is some material here that may just help you in a given case.
  • Hattiesburg Divorce Lawyer.  Tim Evans of Hattiesburg has a blog that targets clients and lay people who are seeking info about divorce and related issues.  It’s a clever marketing tool, and you will find the information useful from an attorney’s standpoint.
  • Mississippi Accident Lawyer Blog.  Paul Snow of Jackson uses his blog primarily for marketing, but he also offers informative posts about personal injury litigation.
  • Mississippi Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog.  This is the blog of Curt Crowley of Jackson, who takes criminal defense issues and posts about them in terms that laypersons can understand.
  • Mississippi Lawyer Blog.  The Coxwell law firm of Jackson posts about legal matters for a general audience.
  • MS Litigation Review & Commentary.  A blog I read every day.  Philip Thomas of Jackson focuses like a laser beam on Mississippi litigation, verdicts, appellate decisions, and issues affecting Mississippi practitioners.  Highly recommended.
  • Mullin’ Over.  Winky Glover of Meridian’s blog on tax issues.  Alas, not updated frequently enough.
  • NMissCommentor.  Another highly recommended blog that I read every day.  Tom Freeland of Oxford posts on a wide variety of topics including Mississipi, regional and national legal issues, the blues, food and restaurants, books, politics, current events, etc., etc.   He was a superior source of information on the Scruggs scandal, and continues to cover its developments.
  • randywallace.  A new blog by Randy Wallace of Clinton.  He posts on a variety of topics, and it will be interesting to see how his blog develops.
  • Thus Blogged Anderson.  Ah, yes.  The blog of the enigmatic, eccentric and quasi-anonymous “Anderson,” who styles himself as “Another proud member of the irony-based community.”  His posts on almost every subject imaginable are notable for their sometimes caustic wit, insight and sharp intelligence.  Another blog I read nearly every day.

Do yourself a favor and pick a handful of these links to add to your favorites or bookmarks list on your browser.

§ 2 Responses to WHO’S BLOGGING WHOM?

  • randywallace says:

    Couple there that I hadn’t viewed before, but will in the future. Amazing how technology has eliminated barriers to the exchange of information that existed less than 20 years ago.

    • Larry says:

      It’s a great tool that can be used to make us all better at what we do. I hope you keep at your blog. I enjoy reading it.

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