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Governor Hailey Barbour has appointed himself to fill the unexpired term of Court of Appeals Judge Leslie King, whom Barbour elevated to the Supreme Court only last month.

“I had asked the Judicial Advisory Committee to make some recommendations, but then I thought ‘Whoa! Who’s more qualified than I am?’  And I decided just to go ahead and appoint myself.”

The move may signal a change in course for the governor, who has been putting out feelers for a possible run for the US Presidency.

“Who would want to be president if they can serve instead on the Mississippi Court of Appeals, even if it is a big step-down in salary?” said Barbour.

Barbour’s move will result in Lt. Governor Phil Bryant taking the reins as governor for the rest of Barbour’s term, which expires in December of this year.

“I have really enjoyed being governor,” said Barbour, “What with the budget crises, all the pardons, the flying around the country, but it’s time for a new challenge.  I look forward to whipping the court of appeals into shape.”

[Disclaimer: This post is based on the best information available, but considering today’s date, everything in this report this report may not be accurate]

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