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Answers next week

1.  Which Mississippi county changed its name in 1865 to Davis County in honor of Jefferson Davis, and the name of its county seat to Leesburg, in honor of Robert E. Lee?  What was the name of the original county seat? (Note: the names were restored to their originals in 1869).

2. What is the present-day name of the Mississippi county that was established in 1871 as Colfax County?

3. From which present-day county did Bainbridge County separate in1823, only to merge back into its original county in 1824?

4. What is the present-day name of the Mississippi county that was established in 1874 as Sumner County?

5. In 1918 , the last county to be established in Mississippi was formed. What is its name?

 6. What present-day county seat was founded in 1832 as the Town of Jefferson? (Note: no relation to the Faulkner’s fictional town of the same name).

7. John L. Sullivan defeated Jake Kilrain in 1889 in the last official bare-knuckled bout in what was then Perry County. In which present-day county is the site located?

8. President James K. Polk owned a 1,120-acre estate in the Troy community of which present-day county from 1835-1849?

9. Which Mississippi county seat was the home of thirteen generals of the Confederacy?

10. Which Mississippi town was named after a newspaper published in another state?

11. In which Mississippi county did Teddy Roosevelt’s famous bear hunt take place in 1902 in the community of Smedes?

12. In which Mississippi county does the “Southern cross the Dog?”

13. Which Mississippi county’s name is derived from an Indian name meaning “tadpole place?”

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